Saturday, October 20, 2007

A swashbuckling FUNdraiser idea

Check out this story in the Owings Mills Times about a cool Fence-A-Thon fundraiser in Canada:

"A centuries-old sport, fencing swordplay can involve three different weapons, a foil, an epee or a saber, allowing combatants to strike their opponents at different target areas of the body. Fencing is played in a narrow lane to resemble confined combat in areas like castle hallways. ...

"The Chesapeake Fencing Club stresses that the Fence-A-Thon is not a tournament, but rather a 13-hour- long fencing marathon, but to [participant Bruce] Heidebrecht, a forensic scientist, it's more of a reunion.

"'It's just a big social event,' he said. 'You get to see people maybe you haven't seen in a year; college kids or people with families come out that typically can't make it to regular matches.' ...

"Registration is $25, with participants earning pledge donations per bout. After covering expenses, the remaining proceeds are split between the club and Sisters Academy of Baltimore, a middle school for girls.

"Last year, the event, which drew 60 fencers, raised about $1,000..."

A big social event that brings the community together in support of education? Now that's cutting-edge stuff.

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