Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sell school-logo merchandise online with CafePress

I recently ran across an excellent Squidoo page on how to create a successful CafePress store. CafePress enables anyone who signs up for a free account to upload designs which are then sold on shirts, hats and other items. CafePress shopkeepers set whatever price they wish atop the CafePress minimum and keep the difference.

This is a great fundraising tool for schools that wish to create an online version of their school store and generate sales to parents, alumni, etc.

I decided to see just how simple the process was by setting up my own silly CafePress store. And guess what? It's not only simple to set up a CafePress shop, it's addictive.

This is low-hanging fruit for any school that already sells shirts, hats and other items featuring their mascots and logos. Different programs can even create custom designs--such as special shirts for band camp students, etc.

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