Sunday, October 7, 2007

Should you put all your fundraising eggs in one basket?

A couple of recent stories detail schools that host only one fundraiser each year. Here's the lowdown on Hawaii's 'Aina Haina Elementary, for instance:

"At a fun run held last month, the Parent Teacher Association raised $60,180.31 from a student body of fewer than 500 students, assisted by some corporate donations from parents and businesses in the 'Aina Haina area.

"The Jaguar Jog was a new fundraiser for the school, said PTA president Liz Hamasu. And now it will be the school's only fundraiser for the year. ...

"For this fundraiser, each parent was asked to pony up $100 in pledges for the Jaguar Jog, a course set up on campus for students in each grade level to complete..."

Potential pros of this approach:

One PTA official cites two, noting, "We didn't want to nickel and dime everyone with a series of smaller fundraisers. People are so busy now. It's not that parents don't want to help, but their plates are full and there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything that they want to do."

Potential cons:

* A single event might get people out of the habit of participating in and supporting fundraisers--and if you're hosting creative FUNdraisers, that habit can be a very positive one to cultivate.

* If the event flops, you'll find yourself in deep yogurt with an empty bank account.

Any readers have thoughts on or experiences with the once-a-year fundraising approach?

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