Friday, October 5, 2007

Enhance your school "brand" by seeking highbrow fundraising partners

Much has been written about the backlash against school candy sales, magazine subscription drives and the like. But one thing not often mentioned is that most of the vendors who push those sales on school groups are schlocky. Associating with them actually cheapens the school's "brand" in the community.

Contrast that with what the Hudson Elementary School PTA is doing in Tempe, Arizona, per

"...the PTA Board has moved to partner with the Symphony of the Southwest, formerly Mesa Symphony Orchestra to create a unique, creative and educational fundraiser. The Hudson PTA now sells individual tickets to the Symphony of the Southwest concerts in order to collect more than 35% of the sales price as a fundraiser.

"Furthermore, in order to render the offer more interesting to the public tickets are offered to the public at a price reduced by up to 20%. ...

"'We really think this fundraiser will be an efficient one. It differs from the classic cookie dough and catalog sales that we do every year and it is very educational and beneficial for the participants,' says Mark Kennedy, Treasurer and past-president of the PTA Board.

"'Music is a very important art at Hudson and we are glad our children will be able to get involved with the Symphony of the Southwest,' added Andy Gutierrez, president of the PTA."

And kids and parents who sell at least five tickets get a free pass to a symphony event.

What's cool about this fundraiser, separating it from other sales efforts:

* It brings together two respected nonprofit groups.
* It dovetails with the school's educational mission.
* It gives students a chance to broaden their arts education.
* It provides a good value to anyone who buys a ticket by giving them discounts off the regular ticket price.

For any symphony fan, what's not to like? Even people who don't want tickets will look at this fundraiser as a positive event promoting the cultural life of the community instead of the latest schlocky attempt to twist people's arms to subscribe to magazines they'll never read and purchase candy they don't need.

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