Thursday, October 11, 2007

Enlist other community groups to participate in fundraising competitions

Whether you host a quiz night, celebrity spelling bee, karaoke night, bowling tourney or other sports event, try pitting various community groups against each other to encourage good-natured competitions that can bring in big bucks.

Here are two current examples of that idea in action:

"The Baldwin High School women’s softball team will play a marathon game, consisting of five 50-minute games, against various teams from the community," reports. "Examples of possible opponents include teams representing the National Honor Society, the high school faculty and administration, the police and fire department, the parents of current players, and former Baldwin softball players."

Meanwhile, a bowling alley in the San Juan Islands is hosting a Bowling For Scholars week, the San Juan Islander reports. Check out all the nifty fundraising opportunities the event's rules provide.

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