Sunday, October 7, 2007

Healthy fundraisers can generate healthy returns

"Last year students were selling candy bars, this year they're taking a hike." So says the reporter in this NBC affiliate video story (there's a brief text version, too) on a nature walk FUNdraiser.

Here's what the North Carolina school accomplished with this event besides raising money for interactive white boards:

* Showed students and the community they take the obesity crisis seriously.
* Added a strong education component to the hike.
* Got students excited about nature and fitness.
* Earned stellar media coverage.

Meanwhile, a Kansas School got a glowing report from the Lawrence Journal-World by rebranding its sales fundraisers from junk-food junkets to earth-saving missions:

"Schwegler School students won’t be going door-to-door selling the traditional cookie dough and wrapping paper this year.

"Instead, for the 50th anniversary at the school, 2201 Ousdahl Road, a major fundraising effort consists of selling energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs and compost bags for leaf collection.

"'We also want kids to think about what do they need to do to help the community live for the next 50 years and tying in that environmental theme,' said Lars Leon, PTA president. ...

"Westar Energy is... working with a supplier to give the school a deal on the bulbs.

"Gina Penzig, a Westar Energy spokeswoman, said Schwegler is the first school to approach the company with this type of fundraising idea."

Isn't it amazing what positive things can happen when you align fundraising events with your school's core values?

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