Friday, October 19, 2007

One secret to a good FUNdraiser: Have a backup plan

That's the lesson to take away from this Scranton Times-Tribune (yes, it's a real city not just the setting for "The Office") story about a fundraiser that nearly flopped:

"It seems the 'cow,' really a steer named 'Dingbat,' tried to end the Riverside High School track and field team fundraiser before it even began on Saturday.

"In plain talk, he couldn't hold it in, and instead let loose inside his trailer - twice - even before his owner could get him onto the numbered grid.

"Once he was out on the grid inside the pen behind the school, the 600-pound Hereford spent the better part of two and a half hours munching on grass where 225 numbers had been randomly spray painted on."

An easy fix here would be to have an extra cow around, or at least some backup entertainment.

It's funny--the FUNdraising book actually includes advice from a farmer for how to help make sure the cow goes, but here's a case of one that went too soon...

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