Sunday, September 30, 2007

Seth Godin makes me feel good about starting this blog

I'm already excited about sharing school fundraising success stories via this blog spun off from my new FUNdraising book, but today's post by one of my favorite bloggers underscores why the concept makes sense for both me as a writer and you as a reader:

"The most effective marketing use of blogs seems to be when the... marketer uses the blog as an opportunity not to sell a product, but to attract people who are in the right mindset. ... the very same people who need his product... Attract people in trouble-->Help solve their problems-->Build your reputation-->Sales happen."

In other words, you come here because you need solutions to your school fundraising needs. If the blog helps meet those needs, you might just go ahead and buy the book for more in-depth assistance.

Makes sense (and potentially cents) to me. Better yet, it provides me with a strong incentive to give you the kind of useful content that turns this site into a trusted source of information for you.

I also took Seth's advice and created a SquidWho lens complete with a school FUNdraising poll.

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