Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A school FUNdraising manifesto

Your event just might be a FUNdraiser if it does one or more of the following things:
  • Offers an experience so compelling people would show up even if it wasn’t in support of a good cause.
  • Enhances the cultural life of the overall community.
  • Provides a service that’s both needed and desired.
  • Improves the school experience of student participants.
  • Leaves attendees with a smile and a good memory.
  • Puts a creative twist on a classic fundraising idea.
  • Showcases the school community’s unique talents.
  • Clearly explains to donors where their money will go.
  • Generates enthusiastic local media coverage.
  • Becomes a popular (and lucrative) annual happening.
  • Helps school families spend more enjoyable time together instead of burdening them with dreaded sales chores.
  • Raises the school’s positive profile among people not directly tied to the institution, thus expanding its base of support.
  • Taps into the increasing number of Web funding sources for pain-free program support.

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