Monday, November 12, 2007

The plane truth? Here's a fantastic fundraising idea

Thinking big and getting creative generated fun headlines for California's Apple Valley High--as well as cash for a good cause, the Victorville Daily Press reports:

"The Apple Valley Sun Devils squared off this morning against an unlikely group of opponents: The staff of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, which flies around the world curing avoidable blindness.

"Amid hoots, hollers and a lot of trash talking, it took the 47 football players 6.9 seconds to pull the 350,000-pound DC-10 jetliner 12 feet. ...

"The demonstration was intended to be a test run for a fundraising event on the Chinese island of Macau in December, where the plane is headed next."

The Aero-News Network adds that the event raised "money for residents of third world countries that need glasses, or have other eye related ailments, but can't afford them. ...

"This event is a rehearsal for a similar fundraising event planned in Macau in December, where five corporate sponsors will compete, and will pay $10,000 each for the opportunity."

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