Monday, November 12, 2007

Healthy fundraisers equal healthy news coverage

Schools that banish the junk food and embrace healthful fundraising activities often enjoy positive press coverage as a result, as this Chronicle-Telegram story underscores:

"...the Westview Elementary PTA came up with a new way of helping the school that... really got the kids moving.

"During two sessions Friday, every member of the student body laced up their walking shoes for the first Westview Wildcat Walk. The PTA hopes the walkathon-style event will become a yearly event.

"'We were just looking for something different than just selling wrapping paper or candy,' said Susan Mueller, PTA second vice president. 'This is a healthy choice that is more fun for the kids.'"

Use the health & fitness marketing angle whenever you can.

And generate more excitement by rewarding successful young fundraisers with a stunt, as happened in the above event:

" student from each class will be randomly selected to smash a pie in [Principal Paul] Holland’s face.

"'I draw the line at kissing pigs or anything like that. I’m all for motivating my students, but that is not the kind of memory I plan on making. Plus, pie tastes much better,' Holland said."

Well, I guess the fundraiser wasn't very healthy for his diet.

Here's a story about another fundraiser that ended with a good-natured principal performing a stunt--and this guy was willing to kiss a pig.

"At least it was a clean pig," he said. "The kids wanted it to be all sloppy."

As I note in my book on educational stunts, administrators should always stay in their own comfort zone. Some would rather kiss a pig, while some would rather take multiple pies in the face...

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